Front brake calipers touching the rim

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Front brake calipers touching the rim

Viesti Kirjoittaja rustfree » 23.04.2024. 19:14

Hi all,
please help.
I have Jeep Cherokee KK 2011 2.8 CRD.
Bought new wheels with 16" rims and got surprise that the front brake calipers touching the rims.
After researching online I found out the reason of that - For Europian market this Jeep Cherokee made with larger front brake rotors(332mm) while in American market the front brake discs was produced with 302mm of diameter.
Seems that the brake calipers with brackets also different sizes because of different diameters of the brake discs.
Does the measurements of threaded connections for fastening are the same? I mean can I install the front caliper brackets that made for 302mm rotors on my car.

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Re: Front brake calipers touching the rim

Viesti Kirjoittaja JAMANT » 24.04.2024. 12:30

Yes, there is only one kind of the knuckle, both brackets should fit fine...

Also the master cylinder is the same, and the front brakehoses are the same, all You need is the rotors, calibers, brackets and the brakepads (I checked from the OEM sparepartspics)...

EDIT: the KK body Cherokee is very rare here in Finland, most of them are brought here as used cars from Germany or so. Might be something about 5 to 10 pieces in here, so not so much information of those...
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